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Zy Baer is a Boston based multimedia artist and musician. She left college upon finding it didn’t provide what she was looking for, and has been primarily community-educated. 


While her work spans a broad range of themes, it’s united by a desire to illustrate invisible, abstract, or intricate concepts through installations and sculptural works.


The physical nature of the work is integral to its message – Baer has found truth in the old writing adage “show, don’t tell”, adapting it to create an experience for the viewer that elicits a visceral response. She also employs clear and often literal messaging, so that viewers of all ages and proximities to the traditional fine arts world can engage with her work in a meaningful way.


Her work has been shown at the Mosesian Center for the Arts, Atlantic Wharf Gallery, Assemblage Gallery at the Envoy Hotel, and along the Boston Harborwalk.


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© 2021 by Zy Baer.

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